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Agape Child and Family Services

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Our Agape Family

Agape means Love. Love for children, for families, for Christ. Our mission is to be a Christ-centered ministry that provides children and families with healthy homes. We engage in this pursuit through a variety of programs and services.

gape is dedicated to the premise that every child deserves a stable, loving and permanent family. We resolve to secure family life for children through a comprehensive program of Christian services including:
• Loving child-centered foster care provided by qualified foster parents while families of origin are stabilized.
• Diligent adoption services for children in need of permanent families.
• Caring maternity services for expectant mothers with crisis pregnancies.
• Concerned, goal-oriented counseling for families through direct services or referral.
• Vigilant educational and training programs for children and families to prevent the deterioration of family stability.

Our Mission

To be a Christ-centered ministry that is dedicated to providing children and families with healthy homes.

Our Vision

Agape will serve children, families and communities by sharing God’s love throughout the Mid-South. With excellence, we will connect people to God’s mission by uniting children with loving families, strengthening homes and communities with intentional relationships, and linking servants to service.

Our Philosophy

Agape is a Christ-centered ministry, and as such follows the teachings and example of Jesus Christ in all that we do. These beliefs serve as the foundation upon which this agency is built and shapes its programs and services. We seek to be a strong voice advocating for the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of children and families, and maintain a special commitment to serving under-served and/or disenfranchised populations and communities. Helping build healthy homes and families is what Agape is all about.

In keeping with these Christian principles and our focus on continuing the ministry of Jesus Christ, we seek to 1) promote the spiritual growth and development of our clients, employees, and associates, 2) support the work of local churches in equipping their members for ministry and in serving and developing their communities, and 3) strengthen and empower families, churches, and communities so that children are provided with healthy homes and supportive family systems.

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